We can remember Letitia’s first day with you, which was the 8th September 2009, she was just 14 months old…  It was the most nerve wrecking day for us as we were leaving the most precious gift of our lives with you.  Not one day has gone by when we don’t feel guilty or sad that we have to work and are not able to be home with Letitia 24/7, however, you’ve made that emotional pressure so much easier as we know that every single day Letitia is looked after as if she were with family.   The decision we made back then to place Letitia was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make and was the best decision we made, we’ve never once looked back.  We visited a number of day nurseries within the area and instantly felt a warmth with the team at Cwtsh Cynnes that we had not encountered anywhere else.  You have worked with us as parents to ensure that Letitia  has always remained happy and contented in your care and the genuine love and care you have shown toward Letitia has been exceptional, she has not once ever cried, told us she’s unhappy or told us that she doesn’t want to come to Nursery and that is down to you and the relationship you have with her. You’ve supported us every step of the way as parents and together we’ve nurtured and developed a very happy, contented and beautiful little girl.  When it was time for Letitia to leave you on a full time basis to attend School, we were genuinely upset to see her leave and there were many tears shed!!  Letitia is now nearing 5 years of age and attends your Breakfast Clwb and After School Clwb, namely Clwb Joio.  She absolutely adores the girls at the Nursery and loves nothing more than a cwtsh from you all.  The Clwb Joio club supports us with our childcare needs completely as she is safely taken to school and collected from school on a daily basis and  we have the peace of mind of knowing that Letitia is in the care of staff she has built a relationship with over the last 4 years and is able to spend time with children that she has ‘grown up’ with over the last 4 years.  Clwb Joio supports us through school holiday time and provides Letitia with a safe, warm and caring environment for her to play and develop, at the same time in learning new skills.

To this end, hand on heart we cannot thank Lisa and the team enough for all the support and care you have given us as parents and more importantly to our daughter, Letitia  We have a wonderful relationship with you all built on honesty, clear communication and genuine care.  We would, without any hesitation advise every parent to visit you at Cwtsh Cynnes when looking into placing their children, once they step foot inside, they will not go anywhere else!

Here’s looking forward to many more years at Cwtsh Cynnes…..

Diolch or galon!

Darren, Virginia and Letitia Linnell


Arun has been attending CwtshCynnes Nursery since he was 4 months old.  We absolutely love the crèche and all the staff.  Arun always get very excited as we pull up outside the crèche and is very happy to be left, this makes leaving him at crècheeasier for me as a parent.  The staff at the crèche are easy to speak to and are always on hand to offer any advice.  The staff are easy to approach with any concerns I have had and have dealt with them accordingly no matter how big or small.  Arun often comes home with craft, cookery and pictures.  The term-time only contract is a great help.

Anna Davies


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Anna Davies


“Both of my children settled very quickly into Cwtsh Cynnes and always looked forward to going to nursery thanks to the welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. I was always confident that my children would be enjoying themselves and well cared for whilst I was at work. Communication between staff and parents is excellent, the staff were always very supportive and it’s obvious they really care about the children.
I have recommended Cwtsh Cynnes and will continue to do so”

Kate Ward


“We have used the services of Cwtsh Cynnes for the last five and a half years.  Both our daughter and son have benefitted from the care and commitment of the long running members of staff over this time – having joined the nursery family from eight weeks old!  Both have thrived in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  I cannot recommend the nursery highly enough.”

Laura Nicholas

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